Best Professional Loppers

Loppers are a great addition to your yard tool collection. These hardy tools are similar to pruning shears, but their long handles and heavy-duty construction let you reach higher to trim thick branches.

If you’re not sure which type of lopper is right for you, Verneil Phillips, grounds manager at The College of Charleston recommends choosing a bypass lopper for most landscaping tasks. “Anvil loppers are easier to use but less precise than bypass loppers,” he says. “I recommend the bypass loppers. They cut well and are very durable for any task at hand.”

When buying a lopper, consider a tool’s grip, mechanism, length, and blade as well as the types of woody plants you want to prune. To help you find the best lopper for your property, we’ve thoroughly researched the best loppers and have consulted landscaping and gardening experts on what factors to consider.

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